Immersing in Your Truth

Exploring 3 reasons why you should immerse in your truth unapologetically!

There is no reason that you should hold back your truth unless you're stuck in a cycle of pleasing people and/or unaware of what your truth is. Immersing in your truth is the ability to speak your truth authentically, with kindness and compassion, while honoring both negative and positive feelings without self-judgment. A challenge that comes along with speaking your truth is that not everyone is going to agree with you. We all have relationships in our lives that we value and sometimes we listen to others who we prioritize as important or influential.

What you may be ignoring is that you are evolving and outgrowing ways that are no longer in alignment with who you want to be. What others may have a hard time accepting and realizing is that you are an evolving being. What you may have a hard time accepting is that change is going to occur whether you want it to or not. Also, you cannot control time and cannot control others. All you can do is control yourself and trust your process. It's not easy but you are WORTH it!

Here are three reasons why you should immerse in your truth:

1. Your feelings matter. If you don't honor them, who will?

Let me tell you a little secret... when we react based on the emotions that tend to leave us in motion, literally, we may miss a chance to respond from a state of peace and clarity. When an event happens (a disagreement, an argument, a misunderstanding, etc.) our thoughts are going, there are mixed emotions and our bodies have many sensations. At times, we just want to be far removed from the situation and/or people as much as possible. Or other times we react by saying or doing something that may add more fuel to a fire and before you know it things are out of control. The goal is to respond from a state of peace and not take personally what someone says to you because it's not about you, it's about them.


We all have judgments, opinions, expectations, and standards that from time to time may not be in alignment with someone else's. And that's okay! Your emotions are a signal - a message received in form of a body sensation (stomach flutter, heart beating faster, sweaty palms, body heating up, etc.) that indicates attention to a need or request. This need or request is based on a judgment/opinion about an event (conversation and/or action) that has taken place. In any communication obstacle that occurs being open to controversy with civility and compassion is key. Two different opinions can take place at the same time and be right at the same time for each person based on them being the expert of their own experience. Finding a way to actively listen to each other without the need to impose or project "an expectation" onto the other is imperative.