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The Inner Uplifter™

TiElla Grimes supports womxn of African Ascent, womxn of color and young professional womxn to navigate the hand-me-downs of their reality and inn-power them to transform their perception of self & mindset through self-analysis & critical thinking. As the Inner Uplifter, TiElla speaks about what it takes to boost innergy & be inn-power as "the expert of your own experience". She offers tailor-made group and private coaching programs, designed to provide womxn with real-world tools to actualize themselves and design the blueprint for the womxn they want to be. 

TiElla is a visionary and thought leader in the field of Urban Youth Development, Gender-Specific Programming, Community Development, Media Literacy, and Personal Development. Her praxis is also guided by the inter-connectedness to social-emotional learning via the appliance of transformative creative expression. Her work includes supporting urban youth of color & their service providers to provide a brave space to educate, inspire & empower urban youth to transform their mindset & perception of self through critical thinking & self-analysis. Her innovative and experiential platforms embrace a plethora of delivery systems and multidimensional tools of engagement, including audio-visual presentations, interactive workshops & seminars, experiential courses, and speaking engagements. 


TiElla continues to harness and expand her extensive background in Media, Education, and Urban Youth Development. With over 10 years of experience serving over 2000 youth of color in the city of Boston, she has served on multiple boards as an advocate and advisor for youth development and girls' empowerment. The arc of her work includes presentations and speaking engagements at a variety of conferences, forums, policy & philanthropic sessions: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Raising Women Voices: A Health Care Reform Conference, The Women’s Funding Network Girls Grantmaking Conference, Mirror Conference: Women's Empowerment Experience (ATL), and international of the Girl hosted by Boston Centers for Youth and Families Girls Leadership Corps. TiElla has also been a leading voice in Academia at Wheelock College. Her Communication courses covered a broad spectrum of topics related to Media and Race in American Society, Media & Literacy for Children and Youth, etc. 


TiElla is committed to leveraging her knowledge and influence to reach a broader audience, locally, nationally, and internationally. Her goal is to continue sharpening her work on the intersectionalities of identity, communication and media literacy, access to opportunities, and spaces for creative expression with individuals, organizations, and schools. 

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